These are the seminar information from the last show.
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11:00-12:00 Fashion Business, Creation of the Future- What is the future of digitalization and disruption?

The fashion business is performing poorly nowadays. The consumers are seeking for its own induvidual lifestyle, while fashion enterprices are not supplying the consumers need. However, we can develope and create whole new business model by "discrupt"ing the exsistent business using digital techniques.

Women's Empowerment in Fashion President/Chairman of Board
Yoko Ohara

Challenge to develop new value of creation ~The merit of Japan: Redicovering products, transmiting informations

Executive officer of BEAMS will be talking about the consumers need of products and services based on his experience, as a buyer, searching the whole country and seeking the new value of creation.

BEAMS Co.,Ltd ExecutiveOfficer
Kazuyoshi Minamimagoi

16:30-17:30 Interview with Asian Buyer: The possibilities of Japanese brands and their future.

Interviewing buyers from two important selectshops from Hong Kong, regarding on the possibilities of Japanese brands in Asian marker, and the ideal Japanese brand images.

BAUHAUS Manchan×Shine Jonathan Lee


11:00-12:00 Now and Future. Drastic changes of Supply Chain by IC Tags and distribution reforms.

The rapid development of building supply chain by the spread of IC tags. JAFIC will be talking about the importance and strategy of IC tags, which would reform future activities, secure human resources, and improving the whole profitability of a fashion business.

Noriaki Endo

Acceleration of Fashion experience by using digital technology Powered by FashionTech Summit

Surge of digital technologies, rapid evolution and develop of fashion techs. We will be focusing on offering fashion experiences by strategic use of Fashion technologies.

STYLER CEO・Founder Tsubasa Koseki
LifestyleDesign,Inc CEO&Founder Yuuichiro Mori
SnSnap Co.,Ltd President / CEO Yuuta Nishigaki
Tohmatsu Venture Support Co.,Ltd Manager Lifestyle Notomi Junpei

15:00-16:00 Imagining the future of the Fashion design and business

Changes of role of the designer, methods of distribution, production, and sales, from the slump of world fashion economy. We will be talking about the designs and business models of the future.

「AKIRA NAKA」CreativeDirector Akira Naka
SENKEN SHIMBUN Co.,Ltd.Director Editorial Writer Takuro Ogasawara

16:30-17:30 Interview with European Buyer: The possibilities of Japanese brands and their future.

Interviewing the owner of popular select shop, Hidden, from Netherlands, who deal with various Japanese brands, and Designer Buyer of Printempts, Paris, regarding on the secret of success of Japanese brands in European market.

Printemps Men's buyer Reynaud Jason×Hidden owner Poyan Rahimzadeh


The accessories strengths. How to catch consumers' attention by MD, display, sales, and method of earning.

Accessories, from household to fashion goods, can catch consumers' attention effectively. What is the efficiant ways to combe fashion and accessories. The only accessory consultant in Japan will introduce the field of accessories and goods, and explain the method to success.

Zakka consultant
Masato Tomimoto

13:30-14:30 Learning management by trial and error.

There is no success expanding overseas without continuious trial and error. I will be talking about the success of Baroque Japan Limited's oversea business in Chinese market and our future vision of expanding to American market.

Hiroyuki Murai

15:00-16:00 Analysing the trends from FW 17~18 Collections

Analyse and forcast the trends and consumptions from the covers of Fall Winter 2017~18 Collections. Introducing young designer and creators.

SENKEN SHIMBUN Co.,Ltd. Editorial Writer
Noriko Aoki